Speaking at the capital.

2011 Strategies

The 2011 Texas Youth Summit brought together a select group of 28 youth delegates from across the state to examine our state tobacco issues and develop a list of specific evidence-based strategies for change to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in Texas.

Throughout the Texas Youth Summit, youth delegates heard from field experts concerning the health aspects of eliminating secondhand smoke, the economic impact clean air laws have and the benefits that clean air laws have on all citizens. After hearing testimony from these experts, the delegates created solutions and shaped strategies to present to you, their legislators.

A Message from the Youth Delegates:

We urge you, as an elected leader of our great state of Texas to listen to our strategies for a healthier, smoke-free Texas. We want Texas to be a place where no one gets sick from or has to die early because of tobacco. Please help us all to live healthier lives by doing everything in your power to implement our strategies. We believe they are the solution to our future health!

TYS 2011 Strategies to
Reduce Exposure to Secondhand Smoke:

1. Provide a tax break for businesses that go smoke-free. An annual inspection will be required to maintain the tax break.

2. Second-hand smoke shall be a part of health inspection regulations. Health inspections shall measure respiratory size particles related to second-hand smoke in restaurants and healthcare facilities; enforce sanctions for locations above healthy Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ratings.

3. Ban smoking in all public places, publicly accessible areas and private places (including residences) where a smoker does not own the property.